Consultations & Fees

The Consultation
During your initial consultation Mr Johnson will review your medical history, perform a relevant clinical examination and, following this, will have a full discussion of the available treatment options including any proposed surgery.  Mr Johnson will also give information regarding the nature of the surgery, the recovery period and the anticipated results along with any potential risks and complications of the operation. Where relevant, Mr Johnson will take photographs at the end of the consultation to aid in surgical planning and to compare with post operative results. These will be stored with strict confidentiality under the regulations of the Data Protection Act.

The Consultation Fee
Following your consultation, you will receive an invoice. The consultation fee is payable after your appointment and can be made by either cheque or cash. This fee also covers further pre-operative visits should you require more information before considering surgery.

The Surgical Fee
For non-cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures that are covered by healthcare insurance, Mr Johnson practises within the price limits of the major insurance companies. It is important that you contact your insurance company prior to any proposed surgery to ensure that your policy will cover the cost of the procedure and you must obtain an authorisation number for the procedure from your insurance company.

Most cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by healthcare insurance. A detailed quote of the total cost of the cosmetic procedure will be given to you after your initial consultation so that you are aware of all the costs involved before deciding on surgery. This will be based on a “fixed package price” and include a surgical fee covering all routine post-operative care and visits, an anaesthetic fee as well as the hospital fee. The “fixed package price” payment is due in advance of the proposed surgery.

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